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Ronen Kohavi - Brixton Bootleg (2010) [FullVersion]

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Ronen Kohavi - Brixton Bootleg (2010)

20 December 2010
Folk, Country, Rock

Ronen Kohavi - Brixton Bootleg (2010)

Artist: Ronen Kohavi
Title: Brixton Bootleg
Year Of Release: 2010
Genre: Americana, Alt-country, Folk, Rock, Acoustic
Quality: mp3
Bitrate: VBR~192 kbps
Total Size: 58 MB
WebSite: MySpace

How about Americana-Tel Aviv then? Is there such a beast? Well, on this evidence, hell yes. Who would have thought it? Actually not me for one if there is more good stuff where this came from then I must simply hang my head in shame that my musical knowledge does not extend to anything remotely Israeli except that they once won the Eurovision song contest ...so Im told.

In deference to the artist I probably shouldnt bang on about this but crikey would you credit it: a bona fide alt.country offering from the land of oranges, koi carp, Kibbutzim and difficult politics. Ok enough. Onto the music.... A couple of years back or so there was a mighty fine Americana/alt.country thing coming out of Scandanvia. All sorts of good stuff was available, the USP of it being a sort of off kilter take on (broadly speaking) American folk/country which was both authentic in reproduction but at the same slightly quirky in delivery. This album is very reminiscent of that the steel guitars are there, the acoustic strum along guitar is present , theres a restraint to the drumming (i.e. it aint rock and roll) but at the same time its one step removed from anything that might have come out of the mid-west (or anywhere ending in ville to be honest). Kohavi did spend some time in London (hence the title) but that hardly counts. Occasionally in the vocal delivery you hear an odd pronunciation and this is what gives the game away. Thats not a criticism you understand it gives the thing a certain charm and adds to the pleasantly quirky atmosphere. Certainly worth seeking out for a listen. -- americana-uk

1. I Hope You Know That (3:53)
2. One Of Many (3:22)
3. The Thing I Care For Most (4:54)
4. Living Life (4:11)
5. I Don't Give A Fuck (4:01)
6. Last Chance (2:52)
7. Let Me Know (5:35)
8. They Say (3:33)
9. Pain (3:22)
10. Missed The Show (2:45)
11. Time To Move On (3:37)

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